“John has worked for a year and three months for our department, Accounting Securities Financing within ABN AMRO Bank. At the moment he started with us, he just finished his job at our Product Control department and therefore we could benefit from his Securities Financing experience from a Product Control view.
Within our department, John performed on a senior level as well within the Business as Usual (monthly Accounting- and Reporting process) as within a major project in which the Securities Financing source systems were connected to the Finance target accounting- and reporting systems. In both roles, John did a great job.
Besides John’s Business and Finance knowledge as well as his analytical skills, above all he is a very pleasant person to work with. He is always willing to help colleagues, works in a very organised way and delivers as agreed upon with a high level of quality. At the moment he left our department and ABN AMRO Bank he transferred his work to the internal remaining  colleagues very professionally so that we could go forward without him.
Without any doubt, I can recommend John for any Accounting- or Reporting job within the Finance environment.”