The Volunteer Correct Association (VVC) represents, as a national branch organization, organizations that are committed to improving accountability and sustainability in international volunteering.

Volunteer Correct Association earns income for carrying out activities on behalf of the members by demanding a membership fee from its members.

This contribution is € 500 per year.

At the start of 2019, Vereniging Volunteer Correct had 15 members. In this way, an activity agenda could be drawn up with a budget of approximately € 7500.

In the start-up year, the financial scope was mainly spent on start-up costs.

The board members do their work without compensation. Only the secretary, who spends a lot of hours on the association, makes use of the room for a responsible voluntary allowance.

In addition, structural costs consist of the website, the e-mail platform and the presentation of the association at trade fairs and conferences. The production of paper promotional materials is envisaged.

In the near future the association will focus on acquiring subsidies for starting up new project activity.


The activities of the association will depend directly on the financial resources. The aim is:

  • creating evaluation tools,
  • having research carried out,
  • further deepening of the VVC quality directive for international volunteering,
  • the realization of means for instruction and training of volunteers,
  • to take an active role in the social discourse on the functioning of international volunteering across the board,
  • the further expansion of the web presentation into an interactive platform (,
  • creating and distributing a digital newsletter,
  • actively promoting responsible and sustainable international volunteering through collaboration with related organizations or other organizations involved in international volunteering, or at conferences and congresses.

The Volunteer Correct Association will base its activities on the annual disposal of the financial resources that it has as a contribution-collecting association. There will be no capital accumulation. Neither will there be any financial resources from third parties, they must be repaid.

Vereniging Volunteer Correct (VVC)
Niko Winkel, secretary Association Volunteer Correct
Address: Otto Eerelmanstraat 2, 9718 JZ Groningen, The Netherlands